Spring homesickness

In the past few days, I have been missing my home, the scent of spring in my village, the sunrise, and the nature awakening just as it should, or as I am accustomed to.

This feeling of longing is also influenced by the fact that spring is not awaken here or it awakens very slowly. Sometimes I think that this city is always gray with occasional sudden changes, sunny enough to make you decide to stay here. And so, nostalgically, I welcomed the fourth spring in Berlin. Unnoticeable.

Yesterday my colleague asked me, „Why are you in a bad mood? It’s great here these days. Have you seen the cherry blossom that bloomed?“ I looked at him and thought to myself, „Please, why did you find the flower before me?! I am always the first to notice the flowers and be happy, but not this year.“ However, I replied nicely, „No, where did you see it?“ He explained, and after work, I went to find my own flower. I found it, and it even had a beautiful scent. Everything around me was gray, but the flower was there, a true herald of spring.

Spring has not abandoned me. That’s good.